DAY 181...Learning Day

We got up to sunshine and crazy winds, we knew what the day was going to be like.  Coffee drunk, I went to finish off my pumpkin soup making and then we headed to Greymouth to check out the coastline ahead of us (this is a change from Fiordland) and to do some shopping.   A replacement phone for Nat as she has bent her one from sitting on it too many times and for me to get my third Lifeproof waterproof case replacement. 

While in Greymouth we decided to visit Mr Paul Caffyn for a coffee and a face to face chat.  We arrived on Paul's doorstep and had lunch cooked for us while we made Paul coffee and chatted.  About paddling, cameras, the coastlines we had been on, the upcoming beaches, our landings and our lives, all of our funny stories.  Some we saved, you know what happens on tour stays on tour, sorry Paul.

We went walking on the beach in front of his house, the West Coast continued to show me how wonderful and exhilarating it is as we walked along.  We climbed on Freya's rock (Paul's pet rock) and I listened to all the stories of others who had been on this beach before us, the fishermen, the gold mining people, and now the tourists who wander along to take pics on this section of the beach much to the longtime locals slight annoyance, ha ha.

Today was a day to listen and a learning day from someone who has such a huge amount of knowledge and experience.  From someone who has done every paddle stroke and way more of this coastline and so many other coastlines.  I consider myself a very small fish swimming next to a great white, that is how I describe myself today.  There is nothing I have done that Paul has not already, he has seen, heard, felt and experienced it all so I am a student today and I listened.

The sun was shining and we have had an amusing, informative day for sure, today it has been all thanks to Paul Caffyn.  I owe you.  I thank you for letting us take up your entire afternoon, oops.

Nat has access to a new and exciting camera lens (zooms and closeup pics stuff!).  I have found a bathtub that reminds me of my Waiheke days, outdoors with a fire to heat it underneath!  It is a must that I will come back and use this one night and hear more stories.  What a remote and beautiful location, what a wonderful day we have had, what an adventure.  Also a possible new support crew member recruited (thanks Paul for the offer) and it is a true bonus that you have a little kayaking knowledge as well, LOL.

See we have had a fun day.  Pumpkin soup for dinner.  I can hear the ocean crashing onto the beach.  Cuzzie and the team are sleepy.  The weather report is looking a tad exciting for the middle of this week, fingers and toes crossed we may get a couple more days of paddling, now that would make us all smile.

My smiles today: 
My homemaking skills of pumpkin soup, oh boy it is yummy.
Spending a sunny day with a kindred spirit.  Thank you Mr. Caffyn, you rock.
Nat bouncing along the beach with her zoom lens. 
My new supplies of Whittakers Chocolate bars.  I luv dark Choc, I luv Whittakers, they are the best.
My new supplies of Coconut water, Hamish and the team at Cathedral Cove Naturals, cheers.
My tub of honey from Paul Caffyn, now this is liquid gold.
Climbing on top of Paul's pet rock Freya!  Now this made us all laugh.
The outdoor fire heated bath tub, I must have one.

My thoughts today: 
Genuine listening is hard work.  We hear with our ears, but we listen with our eyes and mind and heart and skin and guts as well.

Night from us all.