DAY 182...Grey Day

As the title suggests it was a greyish day this morning when we awoke.  We brewed coffee and decided there were a few things on the list of boring computer stuff still to get done, the stuff we all put off and the stuff that you hope will just go away.

I had to forward plan on paper and in my head the next leg of this trip up the West Coast and back into Titahi Bay.  I needed to actually work out distances, which bays to pull into, the locations that Nat, T2 and I can meet in and the locations I will be solo with my Macpac tent.  This stuff I always need a clear and uncluttered head for, I need time to have talked and digested information from the locals and others who have paddled along here before.  It takes this brain sometimes a little while to digest and so today I was able to get the planning underway.  Nat had the worst job in the world, updating my stats page while swapping over all her data, photos and apps from her old, broken mobile to her new one.  This sounds so simple but it never is and always seems to try everyone's patience, even the most tech savvy people I know!  We spread out in Cuzzie and proceeded to get this work done.

We had driven to the Greymouth river mouth and were seated in Cuzzie looking out at a very crazy river mouth, breaking surf and big swells.  It is nice to be tortured by this upcoming section of the NZ coast!  Lunch was cooked and eaten then we had a welcome visit from friends who where driving through from Auckland.  Gosh it was so good to see Anouchka and Mark, always smiling, lots of laughter and next time I will see them will be when passing by their home beach, Port Waikato!  More surf and dumping waves,.all I can say is damn there is going to be some entertainment for the support crew and friends over the next few weeks from my wave bashing.

The day has been a restful one with not a lot of activity.  We have ticked off numerous rather mundane jobs on our lists and we are tucked up in Cuzzie.  I was also sent a very apt bit of info about my surf landing decisions.  It linked them with decision making in general and was an interesting read.  I have now got beef short ribs in the campground oven, we are watching a movie and I am teaching Nat how to knit!

Life is rather okay, the weather is so damn windy in Okarito that I am settled and waiting for the next window to go 'gap it', but until then rest, plan, eat and sleep is what we are doing.  A bit of maintenance on Cuzzie and T2, and on myself and Nat while we can, then it is going to paddle, paddle, paddle.

Today I also spent time talking with friends back up in the North Island.  As I may have said in an earlier post this year was about asking if friends and the people about me actually were okay, if they needed a helping hand or someone to listen to them.  Today for me my morning was about that, listening to others, suggesting with my very back dry humour to smile and laugh at themselves and to pat themselves on the back.  We as humans are truly our own worst enemies some days.  It was so nice to pick up the mobile, say hi and listen about their lives.  I feel damn special for them sharing with me, big hugs to you all.  It has been a great no paddle day..

My smiles today:
Keeping to a 2016 promise, asking others how they truly are and listening to them when they talk, it truly helps everyone.
Seeing friends from the North Island, six months since I had seen this cool couple.
Ticking off that dam job list with the yuk boring stuff we all hate to do.
Sitting in Cuzzie looking out to that rough sea!
Our campsite last night being an old school, rather unique and cute in a special way. (showers in the lounge)
Being part of the campervan nomad community travelling this country.  I am a convert.
Enjoying a day, which normally would have driven me insane with boredom.  Now I am okay with waiting.  That make s me smile, MN has taught me well.

My thoughts today:
Be strong because it will get better.  It maybe stormy now, but it never rains and blows forever...


Paul and Red having a bath

Paul and Red having a bath