DAY 183...Where am I Again?

We woke to another day off the water, it is tough sometimes.  We have coffee, get the to do list written and head into Greymouth.  We have blown the internal reading lights for Cuzzie, so we are on the hunt for replacements, these were located at the local Coreys Electrical.  We had gas bottles to fill, we had to locate a physio for Nat to get her knee re-strapped, we had the general stuff to keep us busy and occupied, and me away from the water torture.  We get things done then we grab lunch and sit looking out at the river, Nat is eating popcorn and I am eating leftovers from last night.

I did a google search for a physio to help out Nat, she made a few calls then oops, she realised this silly red head was looking for a physio in Invercargill!  I do not even know where I am in the country anymore, how bad is that?  How do I navigate each day you all ask?  I just keep the land to my right!

We then to head back down south towards Hokitika for the afternoon, to check out some of the beaches and the road access for Nat and Cuzzie, and also to the physio in Hokitika for Nat.  We wandered the streets and shops for awhile, we checked out the local favourite restaurant, Fat Pipis Pizzas, but alas they were not open.  Maybe on our way through when I am paddling Nat can grab us both some food, it has been highly recommended.

The Hokitka beach was filled in places with numerous tourists taking pictures of the rough sea and the cool stormy looking skies behind them, Nat was only slightly tempted with the scenery & backdrop, her camera finger was not twitching to join them.  So along the road we speed, I always feel cheated after going north and then having to return south to my starting point, but that is my head and my issue, no one else.  Four steps forward then four steps backwards it feels, but it is great to know what the landings are and could be like.

Messages over the past few days from you all have been wonderful and we are, like everyone else, really looking forward to moving north & getting on with this journey.  My mind is also going cripes, in five days time it is going to be May, then I have only 30 days before Nat leaves my side to get back to a contract job she has already been pre booked for earlier this year, then she is off overseas after that on the 16th June, so my mind is paddle, paddle, paddle as far north as you can get before a change of support crew .

Back along the roads we whizz, the drive is far more pleasant than when we travelled in the heavy wind and rain the other day, we both admire the bush and scenery.  The weather seems to be becoming nicer as the early evening rolls in, fingers and toes are crossed.  No we do not stop to go gold mining or to look at anymore tourist shops.  We check the forecast and it seems it is going to be a positive for the morning, but we are still not one hundred percent sure.

We are back at this cool little campsite in Okarito, too late for a fire, but happy enough to get dinner cooked and into Cuzzie with her heater on tonight keeping us warm.  I am on lesson one of teaching Nat how to knit, now I am showing my true age!

Today has been a slow day, just a calmer day, a day of waiting, not filled with crazy antics or a day to rave to others about.  It has been nice, moods are calm and I am focusing on moving towards bigger days.  I remind myself that everyone has a quiet time, so today has been a Red quieter day.  I think I am ready for tomorrow, I am hoping the weather is ready for me and I am hoping for a friendly dolphin or two on the water tomorrow.

My smiles today:
The blustery wind as we headed south.
My very dumb moment of thinking I was in Invercargill!
My friends, their calls and the messages, just to say hi how are you doing.
Nat and myself having similar characteristics and humour, even though we are years apart in age!  We have some stories, they truly make us both smile, even on a calm quiet day.
Calmer weather as the sun sets tonight.

My thoughts today:
When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say WHY ME, just say TRY ME.

Night night, Red, Nat, Cuzzie and my STAR kayaks. (T2 and Louise the White Witch)

In the Okarito River

In the Okarito River