DAY 142...Landing Bay Fourth Day

Wednesday 16th March

Nothing had changed, I knew it wouldn't.  The wind was not as relentless last night and I slept well, only waking a couple of times to roll over and enjoy the warmth of my sleeping bag.  My hot water bottle rocks, yes I have a good sleeping bag but I hate being cold, it makes my grumpy, hence why I like fires and hot drinks, they warm my soul.  The sea is still thunderous outside so I know it is a day off the water and with no wind direction change from yesterday I also know there is no exploration of the inlet paddling either, ah well.

Today I get up and to get a routine going I light my fire, further up in another calmer clearing I found last night away from the gusting wind and the ocean, I did think about moving my tent to this spot, but only if I am stuck for another 7 days or so.  The fire was easy to start, so chores time.  I walked along to the stream to have a refreshing wash, grabbed water and returned to boil it and have breakfast.  This all takes time so I waste most of the morning doing this stuff.   Low tide arrives today and I make myself go for a two hour rock explore to the opposite end of the beach, nil.  I got real thirsty so I headed back and sat leaning up on T2 in the sun and wind while I drank my water.  The ocean was as the day started, covered in whitecaps, insanely windy and not giving up.  I actually turned my back on the ocean today and came and sat in the forest next to my fire.  No point being tormented, enjoy the beautiful bush setting, the warm sunlight and the fire.  I carried up some massive driftwood pieces (my gym training done) and loaded the fire, it was fab warm and a comfort.  What has also been great about he last two days is the insane cold wind meant no sandflies!  This has impressed me just a little.  During the day a few messages came through and it is always nice to hear from people about what they have been doing and their thoughts and feelings.  Thanks everyone, I do really appreciate it.  

Today I sit and study my maps of the coast line and possible bays to pull into, as I have been told I may have two small windows tomorrow to get to Dusky sounds, lets see.  For now that is really is my day, time soon to cook diner, heat water and message all about the weather.  The bush is amazing, so tranquil , so peaceful and so untouched.  it is a privilege to be able to sit and enjoy it, it is a special place that only a few have seen.  The birdlife is back and singing their songs, and also a couple of sandflies have returned, not so nice.

My smiles today:
My cold freshwater swim.
Looking at my all terrain pair of Crocs, they made me laugh, so ugly but so useful.
The NZ bush and beech trees and a world many will never see, a special place
Me carrying huge tree stumps and logs to keep fit and fuel my fire.
Drinking hot water flavoured with jelly crystals, it is actually yum.
The sun, my fire and my beautiful glade I sit in right now.

My thoughts today:
As a helicopter flies over this bay, I think is that an omen?  Or my food drop!  Neither, just a lucky tramper going bush :)