DAY 143...Landing Bay to Cascade Cove

Thursday 17th March

I went to bed early last night, my mood and emotions had been tormented by the ocean and the wind. I had the yuck head on me, the forecast was not great for leaving but it would get better as I passed West Cape.  I had stared at the exit of Landing Bay and I did not like it, ah well.  "So" and "settle petal" came to mind, as a certain person always messages me when I am having a grump moment.  I cannot help but smile, damn you!  Eyes closed, hoodie up and sleeping bag pulled tightly over my head to block out the sea noise and he world.

At about midnight I woke, it was weird, no noise.  The ocean was quiet, the wind had gone.  Really?  I woke up at 2am and again at 4am and bugger it, I was up. I packed down everything, got dressed and and waited for my weather update, it was all good!  Everything was way better than last night indicted, the swells were a little high, but I could cope with that.  No whistling wind, yippee.

Breakfast by head torch, I then packed T2.  She had spare space today, better packing.  As it got light we departed, it was a little cool but paddling soon got me warm.  Way out the back, safe from any breaking waves we weaved and then turned north for the West Cape and further on to Dusky Sounds.  As the sun rose behind me the sky lit up shades of pink, grey and blue with numerous Albatrosses sweeping past me and over the swells.  The day was okay, actually it was a truly amazing sunrise and it was really nice on the water.  No whistling winds.  The only things that were a little slow was the ticking of the kms, the tide was against us for much of today so I just had to paddle and be content with a wonderful day.  No speed records today.

Rugged cliffs, rugged coastline and magic clear blue sky.  There was not one cloud today that appeared.  West Cape came and went, so we were aimed at the tip of Dusky Sounds.  Picture postcard incredible, jaw droopingly beautiful, it was magic, even if the current was still heading out against me.  I stopped often heading into Dusky sounds, to answer messages and hope the tide would turn, and to just look aorund, wow what a welcome.

I did not want to stop paddling today it is the first time for a while I can say I did not want my paddle to end.  Firstly I aimed at Pikering Harbour by Crayfish Island.  There was one yacht moored in this little spot, renowned to be a Captain Cook haunt.  I chatted with the couple but there was no real beach access for me and T2.  I headed to Cascades Cove and I am so glad I did, it is like a lake and I just paddled then sat and looked around.  Mussels everywhere on the rocks but where to camp?  I looked a bit more then found the mooring with the freshwater.  I paddled in and out of each cranny of the bay, and in the end I deiced sunshine, pebbles, rocks with mussels.

I quickly unloaded T2, set u p my tent and threw everything inside.  I cooked up some fresh mussels and ran back to T2 with my hand line, we were off fishing.  We were successful and dinner tonight is complemented with Blue Cod, what a feast.  There were huge schools of Kingfish but they did not want my lure today.  I am glad in a way as I am not sure what I would have done with such a huge fish!  It was fun having them swim behind and under T2 like a school of dolphin.

Fire lit, fish scaled and sort of filleted with my dive knife and I was ready to cook dinner.  I noticed a red boat heading down into Cascade Cove.  I waved to them and heard them say, "Red?  Let's go see."  What a small world, these are the guys who took my food drop to Blanket Bay for me.  It was great to chat, they threw me oranges, tomatoes and a crayfish!  I am so happy, I have to totally thank them, thank you guys on the Chasin Beaver.

Tonight is a very special night, there is no noise except the Morepork in the treetops and the guys laughing in their moored boat.  It is calm, tranquil and magical.  T2 and I are so very happy, and there are lots of firsts in my smiles

My smiles today:
Blue Cod
Crayfish, fresh oranges and tomatoes, cheers guys.
Dusky Sounds you are truly amazing, better than the post card pictures.
The insane sandflies, crazy.
The sky this morning, beautiful.

My thoughts today:
The downs of yesterday are transformed to todays new highs, amazing.