DAY 200...All About Walking

I was awake before the sun was up and there was no one except me in the camper van, how weird that felt.  I flick on the bright light and brew myself a big hot cup of coffee then wriggle back into my sleeping bag.  I sit and read the news and weather reports, also flicking onto 'Ted Talks' for a little while.  How strange it feels to be not concerned about the time or actually the weather.  It had blown hard all night and also rained heavily.  As the sun awoke, it was looking like an amazing day was going to unfold.  It quickly warmed up so I flung open the doors to Cuzzie and gave her a small spring clean.  Nothing too intense, just enough to remove some of the West Coast collection of sand from inside and behind things and generally airing things out for a few hours this morning.  I did some washing, oh I do not change, I luv washing machines.  I also talked to a cyclist who is on her own journey of the NZ roads and is heading south at the moment.  We chatted about the hills, her long time dream and the sense of achievement as she gets further south.  She headed off a little while later, but I promised to contact her once I got up to Kerikeri, her home town.  She maybe home by then, especially at the rate I am going!

I had things to collect from the couriers depot today and a few items from back in Nelson city.  Cuzzie seemed content to sit in the campsite and rest, or maybe she was sulking as there was no Nat to drive her about.  I decided to walk and see Nelson by foot so off I went.  Firstly to the couriers then along the many bike and walking tracks into the city.  It was rather cool to be strolling along swinging my light shopping bag next to me.  I promise myself an afternoon coffee once everything was completed, but it never happened as I got side tracked.

I strolled and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm wind, what a wonderful time I had, bag slung over my shoulder and ambling along the streets and tracks of Nelson.  It was a long walk, leaving the campsite at 11.00am and arriving back just on 5.00pm.  The damn iPhone app stats say I walked 22,217 steps, 14.7km and climbed 17 floors!  I have to laugh at myself, my bags filled and were way heavier on the way out of the city, I had stopped at the supermarket to grab food for my next three days of tiki touring.  Instead of a light single bag when I left, I returned with three rather heavy food bags, fresh greens, cheap feijoas, (0.95c per kilo) some nibbles and treats for the next few days.

The day has been perfect and pleasant.  It is great to just walk everywhere, not stressing about parking or traffic.  If there had been a pushbike to hire or loan I may well have been tempted to whiz along the footpaths on a bike.  I am now busy trying to work out were I could tie a bike onto Cuzzie (Nat would luv that!)  It was pleasant enough to be walking the Nelson waterfront looking out at the ocean as the sun was dropping out of the sky.

I like productive days, I like getting things done and it is pleasant walking between shops and locations.  It was a great option to go walking to town, it really helps to zone out and get my thoughts and plans in place, when driving there are far to many things to concentrate on.

Tonight I have the curtains drawn to the outside world, the heater on, dinner eaten and a sweet cup of tea in my hand.  I am sitting in my sleeping bag, just me and Cuzzie.

My smiles today:
Warm sunshine, it is always going to make me happy.
A warm sleeping bag. it reminds me of my childhood (yes there is a great childhood story to this.)
Freshly ground coffee beans and a bottomless cup that you can just sip and enjoy, no rush.
Walking and thinking.

My thoughts today:
Life is simple, open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people.  Ask the next person you see what their passion is and share your inspiring dream with them.

Until tomorrow and the road trip, good night.
Red, Cuzzie, T2 and Louise.

Goodnight to the days sunshine, Nelson looking beautiful

Goodnight to the days sunshine, Nelson looking beautiful