DAY 199...Alone with Cuzzie

Sunshine peeping through the clouds this morning, Nelson was turning on a beautiful day.  Nat got ready to be dropped at the Nelson airport by Cuzzie and I, we checked she had packed everything.  I had to laugh as she put on her normal work attire, black jeans, shoes and a black top.  Nat is the barefoot girl who has continued to wear her shorts everyday even on the West Coast, braving the sandflies and the chilly mornings, only pulling on her long Sharkskin leggings when launching me into the ocean or going on her hiking expeditions.  To see her in tech attire made it all real.

As I drove us to the airport I am sure Nat was hanging onto the passengers seat and jumped quickly to escape the crazy redhead and her driving techniques.  I have forgotten which is the indicator and the wipers, so all were going at some moments.  Big hugs were shared, a farewell said and a "let's hope we have not jinxed us with Nat going away!"  Normally MN will bring back the sunshine and calm winds when I am left without a driver.  At the moment this is me dreaming and being hopeful, the weather and the West Coast warnings are still yuck.  As she wanders off towards the terminal I feel a little lost actually, this is not like me heading into Fiordland, this feels a little different.  I jump back into Cuzzie and punch in directions on Google and let Google Maps talk me back to Nelson centre.

There I wander, I get some bills paid and enjoy the sunshine, it is a polar opposite day from yesterday, Nelson was shinning today.  I walked and enjoyed being solo in this city.  I sat in a small cafe by the river, talked to a few friends on my phone and enjoyed my coffee and peppermint tea with a bar of the most gorgeous local Chocolate, Divine.  Every square so delicious.  Soon enough though I needed to see the ocean and truly believe that the weather was bad out on the ocean and that the wind was actually really blowing.  Cuzzie and I departed to the beach parked up with the doors flung open and I sat in the sunshine eating lunch and looking out at a coastline and bay I would soon be paddling past.

A couple of close friends have offered to support crew me once I get to the North Island so that is great news, I just have to get there.  MN will let me go soon, I just have a few places to visit first and tiki tour about before she feels I am ready to leave.  

As I sit in Cuzzie tonight eating dinner the wind is blowing in big gusts.  I am pleased not to be stuck on a beach somewhere for the next 10 days.  Nelson and the surrounding areas are my home for a little while.  I am warm and dry, I have roast chicken for dinner and salad, there is no Nat to knit with or share chocolate and ginger with, and it seems a little weird.

Till tomorrows adventures, a beach walk and who knows what else, it is good night from Red and Cuzzie.

My smiles today.
Sunshine, it is a truly gold moment.
Nelson on this glorious day.
The River Cafe, what a glorious spot to sit and sip coffee.
The wind gusts that have arrived and the dark ominous stormy clouds.
My roast Chicken.
Being calm and happy with me, myself and my own company, that is truly inner peace and true happiness.

My thoughts today:
The ego says:   Once everything falls into place I will find peace, 
The spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place.


Devine chocolate

Devine chocolate

Chicken Frames!

Chicken Frames!