DAY 198...Nat & I

As always I wake before the sun has woken and I start to wriggle and shuffle around in my sleeping bag.  It must be hideous for the support person.  I am one of those few people I know who dislikes sleeping in.  It seems such a waste to me and I must make the most of every waking minute.  As not to move about to much I grab my mobiles and lie under the sleeping bag to stop any bright lights.  I read the news and other bits and pieces on the internet.  I check the weather and it has not changed.  Nat rolls over asking what the time is, it is just on 7am.  "Oh," she mutters and luckily for me she manages to sleep till 8.30 in the end.  Which must be nice as normally we are out and I am on the water before sunup.

We get a few things done before we head to walk into Nelson.  It is raining but really not that badly so we put on our rain coats and walk.  The walking, the fresh air and the small amount of rain actually is enjoyable.  For me it has been such a long time since I have been in Nelson so I am intrigued to go discovering.  As normal we have a list of important things to get done, and as normal we deviate to many other things as well!  The op shops we wander into are the other fav stores of mine and Nat's, we gravitate to them and enjoy the fact of just looking.  Looking for bargains and for me it is a nice change.  The weather outside is...well dam wet and windy, so a day in and out of the shops, markets and local produce stores is fantastic.  I do spend a little today on things to make me smile on my return home.  Things that I will look at and remember my journey, remember the fun Nat and I had on the day and it will truly make me smile.

We talk with a few local store owners about this journey and spread the word along the way, we have received donations for the charity bucket and new keen followers and supporters of this journey.  We have meet cool and interesting people by just talking as we went into their stores.  Today was not a day to head to the beach or to go hiking.  It was a day for the girls.  Normally Nat would be racing to the next check point for me, answering emails and calls, while I paddled along talking to the water and the waves, the dolphins and the birds.

Nat was overjoyed at finding a mince and cheese gluten free pie!  Then later she grabbed a GF carrot cake muffin covered in sweet cream cheese icing, which by the end had made her feel slightly ill from all the sugar.  I was into my fav store (sorry guys) the Bendon Outlet Store.  The last time I had dared to stop and shop with them was when we were in Gisborne.  We wandered all day and Nelson, even on a very wet and windy day, was enjoyable.

Tonight is my last night with Nat onboard Cuzzie for at least 10 days so I have made some rum, mint, feijoa and lime cocktails to say goodbye.  We are sitting in Cuzzie having a plate of nibbles, in between this Nat is doing her physio exercises on the floor of Cuzzie and she has packed her gear for work.  I am being left in charge of driving Cuzzie, now that will be a shock.  I am sure it is just like riding a bike, you never forget!  Let us see...

As mentioned, I am heading off to visit new and old friends further south and to watch the huge swells crashing on the beaches with a smile on my face knowing I have already paddled the sections I will be driving, it is a nice feeling.

My smiles today: 
A day of wandering.
Warm soft rainfall.
No pressure, no stress, enjoying the moment and the day.
Planning my solo tiki-tour trip off the water to see new and old friends - look out here I come!
Nat and her new passion for knitting.

My thoughts today:
I love those random memories that make me smile, no matter what's gong on in my life right now.  Thanks to everyone who has entered my world since the start of this journey.

Goodnight from Red and Nat. 

Mmmmmmm, Mojitos!

Mmmmmmm, Mojitos!