DAY 197...On the Road

We looked at the weather patterns heading our way rather quickly and made the call last night to head inland.  On our forecast we had a morning to possibly paddle but then the weather was to start turning and it is going to be bad for many days.  A couple of kms more was not what we wanted and we have the remaining paddle days for this coastline mapped out, the next paddling day is to be a 60 km day, a shorter paddle day would ruin our planning and leave me struggling to get up and past Farewell Spit in the one push I have planned.  I am also at peace and happy with the fact my last nemesis has passed.

We drove last night to a great location, Berlin's Cafe & Bar, Campground and Back packers.  It has a great vibe, wonderful hosts and everything you could want for.  Really hot showers and a great cafe with stunning coffee.  Once we had parked up and made dinner we sat and chatted about the past few days and the next seven plus days of bad weather.  We both needed a big sleep and the tension of the previous few days was at last lifting. 

I woke earlier than expected and I headed into the showers and kitchen to let Nat sleep.  I stood under a long hot shower for a very long time, one of the longest showers I think I have had.  By the time I emerged, Nat was up and heading in to order a coffee from the cafe.  We sat and talked with the owner and drank coffee, me washing it all down with a peppermint tea and purchasing the local honey from them.  As you will all know by now I am a honey addict.  I just about have Nat swing in and buy a supply from every roadside stall we see!

The sights and scenery are changing, there are trees turning gold on the roadside as we drive and the weather is warmer.  We are heading to Nelson for a few days and then I will see Nat off as she flies back to do some contract tech work in Wellington and Auckland, and visit family and friends.  I will wait on MN and then head back down the coast, go visiting a few friends, paddle on a couple of calm lakes and do a couple of days tiki touring solo and wait out this bad weather.  It will be a nice change not to sit in a tent and just watch the rain and wind or pace the beach waiting on the weather changes.

There are some places to visit that are calling me back so I am going to see, look and breathe in this beautiful country.  I want to talk to people, listen to the locals and actually thank MN for deciding to blow a howling gale and become really stormy, so I can visit places I have not ever seen.  There are 6m plus waves predicted back down the coastline, I want to see them for sure and smile knowing I have already passed these locations.

My replacement Inreach unit is on its way, thanks Shane from Maprogress.  Today has been a day for my foggy headache to clear and me to breathe and smile again, I have been fixated on one thing, like a bear with a sore head, as they say.  Nat is the only one who can truly explain how bad this can be and maybe she will share if you ask her when I am not about.  Poor Nat. 

So tonight in Nelson, seems weird to not be covered in sea water.

My smiles today:
Waking in the night and smiling that MN had let me move north.
Buying local honey, liquid Gold
Again chatting with real and wonderful people.
Buying feijoas, we are getting further north for sure.
Looking at the calm Nelson bay, beautiful. 

My thoughts:
I just persist and persist and I get what I want.