DAY 196...Allowed to Leave

I woke often last night, I had a thumping headache I thought might disappear by morning, but no such luck.  I was woken by the alarm and hoped today I would hear whistling wind so I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but you guessed it no wind.  It was still calm and the days paddling was waiting, or another thrashing by MN.  Slowly I got up and ready, Nat suggesting I put my kayak gear on once we had arrived at the beach, but I wanted to feel a little positive and sort of look as if I was keen to get on with my paddling.  I put all my gear in front of the heater in Cuzzie and then once it was warm and toasty I got dressed, a great idea taught to me by Nat.  We both were a little lack lustre today as the past couple of days had started to wear us down a little.

As I got ready I looked at my emails and to my amazement there was this email to me that I have to say was so inspirational and relevant.  It was written with so much honesty and kindred feelings that when reading it aloud to Nat I started to have tears in my eyes and choke up a little.  It was very special.  That along with other messages to us both keep us going.

We got to the beach, we looked into the darkness and then we sat and waited for some more daylight, as it got lighter I wandered towards the edge of the waves to see how it felt on the beach.  I just sat down, tucked my knees up and held my warm greenstone in my hand.  I looked out at the ocean and asked for a chance to paddle, I asked to be allowed to leave this beach and I let the built up tears of frustration stream down my face until I felt better.  Gradually I stood up again and walked back to Nat and Cuzzie.  "Okay, let's do it."  We got ready, I gradually got my gear into T2 and we hugged goodbye, then waited for the best opportunity to 'gap it' onto the ocean and out over the waves.  Success!  I paddled hard and did not dare to stop for a very long time.  Once out the back and really safe I called to chat with Nat on VHF.

The winds and swell worked in my favour the first part of today, I was past Cape Foulwind within 2 hrs.  18kms done and dolphins sighted as well.  Checking in with Nat was so wonderful and we did another check in just past the Buller river and then again at Granity.  I was slowed a little by the now small headwind and I pushed on until near dark before doing a beach landing just on 60km.  It was a little short of my final planned destination, but I am so so very happy to be on the water and have moved further north.  We laughed at my really pathetic landing!  But I did not actually care today.

We staggered up the beach, loaded T2 and went off to locate a good campsite, have a fab dinner and relax.

My smiles today : well you can guess...
My wonderful email.  So very special, THANK YOU
My brilliant paddling departure this morning.
Dolphins also said goodbye.
To be gliding on the water again.
Avocados from my tree in Auckland.

My thoughts today: 
A stranger is a friend you just have not met yet.  I truly meet a new friend each day on this odyssey of mine.


Preparing to depart

Preparing to depart