DAY 208...After the Storm

After the storm and once the daylight was with us, we headed back to look at the damage of the creek and the surrounding area.  We did some rock climbing and creek searching for bits and pieces.  We spent a few hours in and around the now much calmer creek and then onto the beach, which was not calm at all.  In fact the weather and the ocean wer now taking over
and all of my attention was looking back at the sea’s foaming massive waves.  The sea foamed up and over every rock like someone had emptied a container load of sunlight liquid into the ocean. Even when the tide was going out the waves and foam still crashed angrily at the coast.  This was only going to get worse as the day progressed and the winds and swells increased during the day.

Most of the morning was spent helping with damage repair to a water system, climbing up and over large boulders and rocks in the creeks and river looking for hose pipes, water tank pipes
(a lot had been completely washed away) and generally just helping where I could.  Then loading a wheel barrow with rocks for a continued rock wall build.  By midday our stomachs were calling
to be fed, so lunch and then time spent reading and catching up on other matters.  Also watching the sea from the kitchen table, thinking and waiting for low tide.  I want to go for a beach walk and feel the sea spray on my face, and also say thank you for showing me this incredible ocean force at its most intense.  Sea spray and foam on the house deck tonight we are thinking.  I reckon the swear jar will be coming out for filling tonight.  I am thankful not to be stuck on a beach somewhere in a tent waiting.  I am thankful for the modern day weather forecasting we
have at our finger tips and that I can wait these storms out in the comfort of the locals’ homes and in Cuzzie.

I took a beach and rock walk to just calm the tiger in me, to remind me of my journey and to clear my head of thoughts and what if's, and checking of weather forecasts!!  I torment myself more than the twice daily, I check and recheck the days up ahead and the coastline I want to paddle along.  I have my inner nerves to keep under control and I just try and put my head back down each day and wait patiently for a day or two of calm paddling weather.  It willbe colder, but hoping it will calm just for a while.

The sun has set on another day on the West Coast and I have moved no further north.  It is now 12 days of no paddling, no progress.  I am going for a new record, thank you West Coast.  Tomorrow is a lake paddling day with great company.  I will get a wet arse and wet feet to try and keep the tiger in me happy.

My smiles today: 
Cuzzie, my home for the past 208 days, she makes me smile.
The ocean this morning, fierce.
Kawakawa tea.  This is my new favourite.  Thanks Jen for the intro to this fresh brew.
Clambering up and across flooded and washed out creeks.
The sea foam everywhere, incredible.
Walking the intense and incredible beach this evening, watching the sunset.
Walking in the evening sunlight, surely so beautiful.
Tears of frustration running down my face. I have to smile or otherwise MN has won the battle.
Incredible new friendships.  These people and our connections make me keep going and smile.

My thoughts today: 
Be grateful for all the obstacles in your life, they have strengthened you as you continue on your journey.

Good night from the great West Coast, amazing sunset, amazing seas, amazing place.