DAY 209...Sunday

Wet and windy was what I awoke to this morning.  Not what I had wanted but many would have rolled over and gone back to sleep, a perfect Sunday for most.  I read for a while a book I have been engrossed in, Winterdance by Gary Paulsen.

By 9.30am it was time to embrace the day and realise the day was going to stay wet, windy and wild.  I stood on the edge of the ocean feeling the wind and the rain mixed with the ocean spray on my face.  The cold wind was blowing and the waves were crashing into the beach, the rock walls and up and over onto the grass.  After a while I ran inside for a large hot cup of coffee and to continue to enjoy the view from inside.  I have the luxury of either sitting at the kitchen table looking out or sitting in Cuzzie with the doors flung open looking out, so during the day I change locations.  Soon we had a visitor that took my mind away from the sea, Jess arrived and it was great to hear her about her time on the coast and her love of the lifestyle the West Coast provided, in fact I was a little jealous.  More of the fact that Jess has discovered this early in her years. and not got hung up with living in a city and realised that this life and this coast has so much to offer, outdoors, the bush, the caves, the climbing, the incredible raw, real,fresh life style.  We chatted about lots, we enjoyed the stories and she gave me heaps of locations of tracks etc to visit to keep me entertained.

I am pleased with the rest of my day, I got things done, goals reset and plans mapped out.  By late afternoon when the sunshine arrived it was time to open the ranch sliders and head to the beach to get some fresh air.  To play in the sea spray, climb some rocks, practice my hand stands, (still pathetic) stroll, laugh and absorb the remaining beautiful part of today.  We grabbed the video camera to capture some of this craziness and then on my return to the house, as I had promised, I jumped in the small pool for a quick cold dip!  I then ran for a hot shower to warm up.  We watched the videos and I just had to laugh, totally looney.

Tonight we had dinner with Linda.  I have enjoyed the night, so much to listen to, so much to learn.  An incredible amount of interesting knowledge at the dinner table tonight.  Lots of history, lots of things I want to learn more about, maybe this is part of the reason I am still on land and still not heading north, to learn, to listen to absorb and to every day want to return to this place, this location this lifestyle.  The people are real, they have hearts, they are interested in me and they are incredibly interesting.  In fact most nights I seem to go to bed so inspired and with so much I want to learn from them.  I am now hoping it will keep blowing a gale!  Either way, there is a reason for me to come back.

The seas are now at a new high, they are crashing and pounding so loudly tonight it is deafening.  It is insane but it is also like a sweet lullaby.  I now cannot sleep if it is silent, it seems to deathly quiet and feels like something is missing, weird as it may be.

My smiles tonight:
My NZ Odyssey, it is incredible.
To a wise young man thank you for saying, "Plese don't hurry - Ma te Wa." 
The ocean and its incredible show of waves, foam, zipper lines and horizon.
The hand stands on the beach.
Our visitors today, you inspired me with your passion and your incredible knowledge.
The emails and messages I received today.  They where received with a smile and truly appreciated.  Perfect timing and some amazing incredible words and emotions. 
My dinner tonight, corned beef and mustard sauce, what a fav I had forgotten about.
Chatting to Nat on the phone, happiness from afar.
Video phone calls, to see people and expressions is far cooler than just a voice.
My ability to laugh, enjoy and play.
Peace within when the ocean is so noisey.

My thoughts today:
I am stronger because I had to be, I'm smarter because of my mistakes, I'm happier because I have overcome the sadness I've known and I'm wiser because I have learned from my life.