DAY 212...Feeding the Rat

I tried to sleep last night in Cuzzie while parked at Kohaihai Bluff.  I woke often as we got battered by big wind gusts.  Loud thunder and big flashes of lighting, it was crazy stormy with torrential rain all night.  By 6am I had given up sleeping so I sat, listened and waited till daylight to survey how much water was beneath us.  I had parked somewhere I felt would be dry underneath us and not a problem with flooding as there were signs everywhere stating if heavy rain it could flood.  We had a small pond under all wheels, not too bad, but enough to make me want to move and not wait for the rain to stop.  We were on the move before 730 this morning, firstly I was happy that I was not anywhere on the ocean today.  It was a boiling, heaving, foaming mass.  Four meter swells so I headed back to look at some earlier beach landings as options for when I get onto the water!  

To be honest on a day like today nothing would look pleasant today, everywhere was flooded and it was an angry ocean.  As I sat and looked out to sea the crazy black skies started to lighten and the rain was easing so with a mental chat to myself I drove back to Kohaihai, dragged on my rain jacket and shoes and went hiking across the over full and flooding streams towards Scotts Beach, the first hour of the Heaphy Track walk.  It was crazy wet and lots of water everywhere at the start but as the rains eased the creeks running down the track eased.  I really did not mind too much as wet feet on a short hike was not a bother.  I got to Scotts beach and just looked out in disbelief, it was a look of omg, will this ever ease?  It was an ugly ocean and I looked at the upcoming forecast and openly cussed at the crazy waves, actually saying and asking why?  Why now?  Why not just ease for one day once in awhile?  All I got in response was the sunshine beaming out from behind the stormy clouds and blue sky as if MN was happy to see me like this, like she was grinning at me.

I walked along this beach mindful of the massive waves racing up this steep beach just trying to catch me out, that would have been another notch in MN belt, for a few hours today she won the torturing game.  Then I switched pages, if I have lots of days away from this, damn it I am doing stuff!  I am kicking into an off the water routine, keeping paddle fit and ready for my next escape.  I have plans and a schedule.  I am off to find a gym, a swimming pool and I am going to go on some serious hikes.  I am getting my tramping boots and backpack on the overnight courier and I am off and doing it.  

With the mind set rewired I quickly walked up the hills and along the tracks, everything was far easier now I was back in control and felt good to have made decisions.  I reckon I will be able to nail some of these walks myself.  I am delayed, yes it is winter, yes the weather was going to turn, it is winter you idiot, and yes I always said I would sit it out.  I must enjoy this time, but I hate sitting still.  It is my worst nightmare, it is torture.  I give myself a motivational inner chat, I plan tomorrow in my head.  What I must do each day, what time I must get up and I know what I need to do.  My off the water days are planned, I am really focused.  I am not sitting at kitchen table, on a couch reading or at a laptop writing.  That is for pre sunrise and after sunset activities only.

I message up north to see if anyone would like to come join, to run tracks with me.  To walk and talk, get wet, muddy and help me thrash myself physically each day.  Someone who understands my need to physically push myself every waking moment.  At last!  I have realised and nailed my restlessness.  I am not physically challenging myself each day and I need that in my daily life, the crazy in me has bubbled to the surface.

As I hit the road back towards Greymouth this afternoon I am at last happier.  Gosh I do hate waffling along.  I have to have achieved each day and today was a huge step.  I stopped and picked up two hitch hikers this evening.  They had just completed the Heaphy Track.  I dropped them off at the turn off to catch their next lift onto Nelson, wishing them luck, giving them a large bag of chips and Whittaker chocolate bars.  It was late and raining by now, I hope they got a ride.  I arrive just in time to go out to a night listening to a speaker talk about his climbing experiences.  A great night, new people and some faces I recognise from the climbing wall the other week as I have not gone very far up this coast recently, lol.

My smiles today..
Walking knee deep in over flowing creeks.
Waterfalls flowing down the tracks towards me.
The damn ocean!
Having Cuzzie, my sanity on wheels.
My mind, refocused.

My thoughts today:
Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.

Good night from me.