DAY 213...Planned Days are the best

A planned day for me is always a great day.  I wake and I brew my coffee.  I sit in Cuzzie and read until it is light and I have read a few more chapters to my book.  It is funny and a great read.  I am wanting a team of dogs to attempt this race!  LOL, next adventure maybe!  Coffee brewed, rain and heavy hail storms and then it was into Greymouth, as mentioned yesterday I was needing to train and get physically challenged.

Fat Max Gym in Greymouth was located and I was given access to train.  Thanks to them I was back in my grove and enjoying a return to lifting weights, albeit lighter than before, but a fulfilling one hour session.  The next stop was the swimming pools to knock out some lengths.  This is water therapy at its best for me, I like doing lengths.  I swim, I clear my mind and I get out after 30 lengths feeling great about today.

Next I was to head over to Reefton, Dawsons Autolodge for there monthly quiz night.  They were raising funds for  me and MHFNZ.  What a good night!  My team did really well, but we did not win.  We did however have $300 raised tonight.  The biggest thanks to the Reefton people, a great night.  I also must say, the lamb shanks for dinner, now they were incredible, yum!  Insanely great food tonight, so damn good.  In fact I could and wished I had ordered a second helping for me to takeaway, shanks cooked so well the meat just melted in my mouth.

It was such a great day today, meeting and locating cool local places and people.  Despite a really cold, wet, thunderous day I did not really notice.  I got everything done I wanted to and I am feeling great,focused and content.  I nailed this day so well.  More tomorrow and I am looking forward to it all.  I have a spring in my step and I am cruising in 4th gear.

My smiles today:
The hail, the lighting and the thunder.
The gym and the locals, it was great
My swimming.  I like swimming lots.
My book.
My focus and my success today.
Dawson's and the Autolodge Reefton, $300 raised, thanks guys and girls.

My thoughts today:
I like storms, they let me know that even the sky screams sometimes!

Good night from me, resident overstayer at 12 mile, north of Greymouth.