DAY 214...Some of the Same and a Little More Rain

Who the heck survives on four hours sleep and thrives on it?  Me!  I settled down to sleep at about 2am and I was awake and reading by 6am, of course, firstly checking what the weather predictions were doing.  One day I will not need to do this 6 am and pm check but routine is what is keeping me focused so routine it is.  Today is a crazy mixed bag, nothing really has changed much.  I am scanning further up the week at what may be arriving, it will calm I am sure.  A txt or two to say hi and good morning then I grab my book and read chapters, the start of the Alaska dog sled race.  OMG, my trip is easy in comparison, their story makes mine a mere Sunday stroll.  Medals to all that have attempted, completed and done it year after year.  Incredible, hilarious and yes I am still very curious!

Coffee, emails and a chat with this amazing gentleman who is making me a welcome overstayer at his home then I am off to keep my training routine going, the gym and swim time.  It is great for me and for my mind, again today I am so absorbed with what I must get done and where to go next, that the time flies past.   I head to the post office to collect a parcel, it feels like Christmas, pots of honey, food treats, my hiking boots, my backpack and just a few things to make my rainy world a warmer place.  Thanks Jase for getting this to me overnight.  Then back along the coast road to 12 Mile to feed myself, grab a cup or two of kawa kawa tea and get organised for a possible 'Gap It' paddling moment early next week.

I have been brave and confirmed flights for Jase to head down and be my replacement support crew person.  He will shadow me for the rest of this South Island section.  He answered the email from me the other day for someone to come hike, run, go climbing and get lost in the South Island while the weather sorted its self.  I bet MN will send fine weather and we will have no time to explore!  My hiking boots are ready, my back pack is also out.  Maps have tracks and tramps highlighted, ideas are bubbling.  I am keen and ready.  As I have mentioned many times the storms and the rain can not last forever.  I am blessed to have Cuzzie, she is my sanity, my savour, my wheels under my kayak when I need to be entertained off the water.

Food supplies purchased and dinner eaten, I am ready to crawl into my warm sleeping bag.  Tonight after enjoying a Friday night dinner at Bonsai (it was yum) I actually am liking Greymouth, I know my way around rather well now.  I look out onto the deck, it is raining, crazy intense rain.  Tomorrow wind and rain again but there are positives to this.  I am not in a tent, I can turn my back to the crazy foaming ocean and I can go do other activities until MN gets bored with throwing her tantrums.  I reckon this is her best attempt!

Today has been a some of the same day, but still a success in my mind to keep moving forward, keep active and keep looking around.  My body has good a tiredness and my brain is not tormented, the caged tiger is under control.

My smiles today:
A rainbow, beautiful.
My gym and swim session has made my muscles sore, this makes me smile.
To have wheels beneath me, I luv Cuzzie..
To laugh at this crazy rain!
To get emails, txts and calls from kindred paddlers and other lovers of the West Coast.
To seeing others I know enjoying the coastline, Moeraki boulders and the beaches I have seen.

My thoughts tonight:
Down on the West Coast I get this feeling like it could all happen.

Waterfalls everywhere after the rain

Waterfalls everywhere after the rain