DAY 215...Dinner Guests

I was glad Cuzzie was tough, what a wonderful camper-van.  Last night the West Coast threw our way huge winds and torrential rain yet again.  We survived and as we awoke this morning it was a little calmer, well for a moment and then more rain started falling.  Actually now I can only find it humorous, as thank goodness I am not in a tent!  Thank goodness Cuzzie only has a couple of little leaks once in awhile, I would leak as well if I was rained on this much!  The ground is saturated and when the sky clears for a moment I join in and help check the rodent traps around the area.  We caught mice and rats today.  As we rebait them I thank goodness there were no possums to have to remove from the traps.  I could cope with dead small vermin but I am not sure a large possum body would have been as easy to remove and dispose of.

Once this was done I headed off to my happy place, the local pools, to swim.  Two km nailed and I was feeling good, the water had helped with my day.  Then I was heading back to 12 Mile to help get food ready for a small dinner party.  Most of the late afternoon was spent doing this while listening to the ocean and generally having a relaxing time.

I had stopped along the coast road to look at the raging rivers and the creeks that were now over flowing water ways.  Everything was, it seemed, about to burst it's banks with the amount of water flowing in them.  I suppose it will stop eventually but even the locals are amazed by the weather the past few weeks.  I am okay, I am just now enjoying my time and keeping paddle ready for my next weather window, it will come.  I just have to wait and enjoy the off the water time as much as I do when I nail a great day on the water.

The wind and the rain has stayed with us most of the day and throughout the night, it is just part of the coast background noise now, it is no longer a torture but music and melody to me.  It is like your favourite song on repeat and if it stops I seem to wake or find it difficult to sleep.  Dinner was great, listening to others talk, the stories and the laughter is heart warming.  Thanks Aaron, Adele, Leon, Linda and Paul, it was a great night, thanks for coming.  As we say our goodbyes they cheekily say we hope you are not still here next week!  So do I.

I am getting ready for tomorrow, getting ready to drive north, getting ready for next week and maybe a paddle, maybe a step forward or maybe just some hiking.  Who knows really what tomorrow or later this week will bring me or anyone else.

My smiles today:
The rain, it is so damn incredible I have to laugh.
At the great people and the simple happiness they seem to have.
At the pools swimming,I luv swimming it is total therapy.
At my sheer crazy obsessive waiting.
At my late solo nights in Cuzzie.

My thoughts today:
"To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul.  To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.” Deepak Chopra.

Good night from Red, on the west coast at 12 mile.

Catching Rats.

Catching Rats.