DAY 190...Talking, Walking, Climbing

I was awake before sunrise and a swell was building.  It is what it is, I suppose.  We got up and did the normal morning coffee, brekkie and more coffee.  The sun was streaming into the windows and I watched the waves increase.  We did just a little bit of office work, then I was ready to cook some of my kumera beetroot brownie.  It has been a little while since I had made this so I had to check my recipe!

Nat and I were rounded up to be dropped off for a walk from Nine Mile into Greymouth via Point Elizabeth.  It was a nice walk and we had a great time.  We chat as we go and it is a great couple of hours outside with nature, the bush and the views of this rolling, huge swell on the ocean.  The weather is so warm at the moment, all are saying it is unusually warm.

We both regretted not taking water and food for this walk, I was starving by the time Paul picked us up.  We all raced home for a late lunch, I went for a walk on the beach out the front while the tide was out eating coconut ice cream and then I treated myself to a massage in town.  We had an early dinner, Nat even had her knitting out, she is on a roll with this now, then off to the local climbing clubs night of indoor rock climbing.  It is my turn to sit and watch as Nat is taken through rock climbing skills and scaled walls with Paul.  She has a natural skill and determined nature and scaled 5 or 6 different climbs.  Her forearms will be sore tomorrow (tonight!)  It was so great to see Nat pushing up these walls and abseiling down with a massive smile.  Rock climbing and me, I am happy to be leaving that to the others and to just watch.

Another no paddling day, I am so keen to be on the water.  I am sure soon I will be out there again, but until then it is inland, we are heading to Lake Brunner tomorrow to calmly paddle off the ocean.  Paul showed us his climbing skills tonight, a master at this sport as well it seems.

Hot sweet drinks, a slice of brownie and a warm sleeping bag.  It is another beautiful day, meeting lovely people and learning about them, their lives and what they love about life.  We also meet Larissa's sister from Horsing Around Aotearoa, Tara.  It is such a small, small world.

My smiles today:
A walk in the bush, along the beach and sunshine.
The smell of warm chocolate brownie.
Coconut toffee caramel ice cream while walking on a wild beach (Little Island, it rocks)
Planning to go lake paddling.
Just to be able to discuss and have time to talk.  The pace of my life I rather like.

My thoughts today:
Do more of what you love, only you have control of your own happiness.  Indulge in the pleasures that please you, take time for yourself and enjoy the simple joys of life.