DAY 191...Lake Brunner

This morning was all about getting up and on the road to play on Lake Brunner.  We took Thelma (T2) and Louise (the White Witch) onto a calm lake for Nat and I to go for a nice calm paddle together.  It was a good time to do a general check out of both kayaks for any small repairs and maintenance while we had them both down.

Firstly we had a couple of stops in Greymouth, me to send maps and general bits and bobs I have collected along the way back home, I do not need to clutter up Cuzzie.  Things like my huge paua shells, a couple of small pieces of driftwood and some pretty stones.  The magpie in me got a little out of control somedays in Fiordland.

We then headed to Lake Brunner, unloaded the two Stars and with a couple of returns to Cuzzie for my video camera and other things I had forgotten we hit the calm lake waters.  Nat with one Sony Action Cam and me with the other as we gently paddled along, amazed to see not one other craft on the water, so very tranquil and peaceful.  There were a couple of fish jumping and causing the sleek waters to ripple but other than that we glided along.  The rain stayed away and we had some fun out there today, nothing to worry about and no wind or rough waves.  The birds were singing in chorus on the shoreline as we got further out and it was sort of like being back in the sounds paddling again.

We aimed at a tree lined point and once there turned and cruised back towards Cuzzie and the shoreline.  On the return to shore there were some Eskimo rolls and wet exits practiced to finish off the day on the water.  I am in practice now for the 9th July, the annual rolling challenge sent out to me by Mike Scanlan.

Back to Cuzzie we put the kayaks back up on the roof and sat inside drying off and warming up.  We had hot cups of tea, a bowlful of hot sweet popcorn, chocolate and ginger.  We then headed into Greymouth and back to the coast for dinner.  We have been looking at video footage of the days paddling and antics.  We have been discussing the damn weather forecast, no point anymore pre planning as we are stuck and off the water till this weather can sort itself out!

We are now just planning on how to stay occupied and what to do while off the water, maybe MN will allow us further north one day before the spring!  At the rate Nat's knitting is going she will need more wool sooner than expected.  A fun outdoor day on what was meant to be a stormy wet day, we were lucky and found a calm lake and discovered a new place neither of us have been to before.  Beautiful, tranquil location, still there were a few sandflies that came to play !

The waves are now crashing on the beach as it nears a rather big high tide and the swell is getting bigger also.  Until a break in weather we are land locked. 

My smiles today:
A calm lake, fresh water and two STARS on the water to play.
Eskimo rolling practice.  Phew, I still have the knack, but not 100 in one day like someone I know!
Warming up in Cuzzie after an afternoon on the water.
Having a companion on the water.

My thoughts today:
Do things that feed your soul not your ego and you will be happy.


Paddling T2 on Lake Brunner

Paddling T2 on Lake Brunner