DAY 192...West Coast Rain

Last night before I tried to sleep, poor Cuzzie had decided to spring a couple of small leaks by the door.  It was understandable as the rain was heavy and intense, we were parked with all the rain running down and off the back of her.  Some was dripping into and onto the end of the bed, oh the joy!  I jammed towels into and around the drips and sorted out the side dripping over Nat's feet then sat and unravelled a very knotted mess of my knitting yarn, it was therapy for me while listening to the rain.  Poor Nat was trying too sleep but all I did was chat!  She eventually went to sleep and I shut up questioning her.  I tucked myself to sleep and was happy that I had sorted out the water problem till the morning, but at 3am I awoke to a new leak, the water had decided to create a leak over my side of the campervan now!  Not impressed I jammed another towel into the gap of the cupboard and turned over.  I thought about how my Macpac tent kept me dry through Fiordland and now Cuzzie was having a moment!

The rain did ease and the drips had stopped so by the morning, I just had a few wet hand towels to get washed and dry.  I planned to look later at the possible reasons for this crazy leak to appear.  Coffee made and now with Paul we were off to give a presentation at Tai Poutini Polytechnic to a group studying outdoor education.  Both of us enjoyed this hour with the group.  I have to wish you all the best in this amazing adventure industry you have chosen, I want to just say to you all keep dreaming and keep your passion for life alive, and please keep in touch, we both love hearing how you are getting on and are happy to answer any questions or help in anyway.

We then went out for a yummy brunch to D1, a really great little cafe, the lovely team working there were happy to help us with our various dietary requirements and we had beautiful art on our coffees!  After that a couple of errands were run before a quick stop at Paul's to say the biggest thank you for his hospitality.  Then we were back on the road whizzing along the coast, sea spray, mist then sunshine and after that thick clouds almost all the way back to Charleston.  We stopped to look at the ocean, to stare at the state of the waves and go, "Yuck, it is horrible out there!"  We got in a good mental state for the possible next few days paddling, or maybe not by the look at the ocean this afternoon.

My paddling, it seems to be a distant memory. 

Parked up we get washing done and dry, we pull the false ceiling of Cuzzie down, the girls were alone with a leatherman so we went looking for any obvious holes or the leak from last night.  Although we could see where the water runs had been there was no massive holes in the roof or obvious cracks.  After also clambering on the roof and with the inside roof removal re-installed I decided it was a possible freak, one off leak and to leave it alone.  Maybe it would not happen again!  Let's see if we have such great luck (I have a feeling this is not the end of this story).

The later part of the afternoon whizzed by, Nat is zooming along on the knitting and thinking now of the next project!  As the confidence grows, she is knitting just plain stitches row after row and it is now too easy.  I also best get knitting as otherwise I will be left still on my initial first few rows!

My challenge tonight was a yummy venison dinner and while I am cooking I start to try getting my mind focused to get back on the water, back to a biggish few days of paddling and maybe back soon to nearer the bottom of the north island!  I dare not to look up yet to even think about Picton or further North, I try to even forget what the day or month is at the moment, it is easier that way.  So another day done and dusted, weather forecast checked, re-checked and ???

My smiles today :
The jellyfish drawing Nat feel in love with and purchased.
Sharing my Spotify music with someone else, this is a first.
Chatting and spending some amazing times with Paul Caffyn, he has made me smile lots over the past few days.  THANK YOU.
Charleston campsite, it has a great soul.
Girls with their leathermans.
Venison, my favourite meat.

My thoughts today:
Inside you there is a power, there are ideas, thoughts that no one else has ever thought of.  There is the power to make people happy, to make people laugh and the power to change lives and futures.  Don't forget that power and don't ever give up on it.