Day 301...Seals and Swimming

Red Rock Reserve Freedom Camping. This is a beautiful location and, even with the wind whistling over head this morning, it was a pleasure to be in Cuzzie, waking up and looking out at this view. The wind was making the clouds fly over the cliff tops and then it raced over the ocean, creating a flat sea with massive wind ripples.

I was off to see the seal colony this morning, so I threw on my many layers to keep me warm from the wind. Head scarf on and I got out in the Wellington weather. The walk was fun. I talked a bit on my mobile as I walked. Then once I discovered the seals it was time to sit and just watch them laze about in the sun. They were totally ignoring me and the information board said that the young juvenile males all gather here to eat and put on weight. Well there was most certainly none that looked thin or unhealthy. They were enjoying life. I spent a long time out and about on these rocks and with the seals. It was nice being tucked away from the winds, but soon I needed to head back for a late breakfast, so pulled up my scarf and hoods and braced into the wind for the walk back to Cuzzie.

Once I had been fed (eggs and potato rosti) and watered, well actually more coffee than water, there were matters to deal with. As always there is a list and with no support crew it is all for me to organise, and already half the day had passed by. I made a few calls and booked Cuzzie in for a renewal of her self containment certificate. The things you need to do when you are a camper-van owner. I went Google searching for a camper-van car-wash! (Still no luck.) How crazy it seems that Wellington does not have a car-wash big enough for a camper-van! I was still trying to connect and talk with others as I drive towards the pools. Another fitness session in the pools to keep me moving and swimming. It seems to be working. Today in the pools was more intense for me. I got to 80 lengths, then thought "bugger it, what's another 20?" so it was 100 lengths (3.3km) done when I clambered out. It seems kayaking and swimming use lots of the same muscles. I am so glad I can swim. Thanks to my Dad for every morning he dragged me to the pools for training sessions (moaning like all teenagers do!).

Then it was a quick shower, get changed, run back to grab food from my portable cafe, and then head to grab my replacement sleeping bag. Thanks Bivouac for being so helpful. Your customer services and care has been amazing. Cheers from me. You and your suppliers have helped me by replacing my sleeping bag. 

Wellington tonight is wet, windy and getting dark. I sit in Cuzzie waiting for the after work city traffic to reduce so I can safely negotiate myself to a friends for the night. As luck would have it, the gypsy kayaker has a real bed for the next few nights.

Tomorrow is a driving day. I am headed to scope out these black beaches further north. Then back to chat to others who know this coastline better than me. Calmer, maybe, and sun again tomorrow. I am getting things done slowly, getting ready to paddle slowly, just as I learnt in the South Island. Everything happens for a reason and I am making the most of having time to prepare.

My smiles today:
Fat, lazy seals.
My morning view. 
Walking and talking.
Swimming again.
My portable cafe: Cuzzie.
Google. How did we ever cope before!?!
Windy Wellington, I enjoyed today.

My thoughts today:
"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live."

Goodnight from Red, Cuzzie and my stars.
Ma Te Wa.

Morning view.

Morning view.