Day 302...Up the Coast to Look

A reconnaissance day for me today. This was a day for me to actually go and see the black beaches, feel the winds, watch the swells and count wave sets. All while sipping on a couple of Cuzzie made coffees.

I find it beneficial for my mind, on this coast, to know what I am to see and land on for just a little while. When I am able, it is good to study the beach and understand what the wind and the swells look like before you need to crash land or glide onto the beach. I do not think it is going to be gliding for awhile.

Off I head early towards Peka Peka Beach, Otaki Beach and then all the way up to Waitarere Beach. I walk around and look at the beaches. I watch the cars drive along the beach taking their dogs for a run without getting out of the drivers seat (slightly lazy, I feel). A horse being exercised on the beach. This is always a great sight; the rider and the horse seem to be having a wonderful time.

I was pleased to feel the wind on this beach blowing strongly and pleased I was not paddling into it or on the ocean. But also pleased to just have sighted this coast. It will be different at each beach, but it gives me a little glimmer and a slight smile. I compare previous South Island beaches, the good and the not so good, to this coast.

Back into Wellington, back to my house on the hill, back to write emails, back to update the support crew and try to juggle their lives and world with mine. That is a challenge as well. Then try to focus on the weather and that is all I can do for now. Watch and wait on Mother Nature. The stuck record, the repeat story of my world.

Instead of paddling north it seems to be "eat, sleep, swim, repeat". I cannot keep still, so the pacing tiger is keeping busy. I will climb the many hills around Wellington, find a bay or two to paddle a little on, and focus on getting to the top of this coast. Wish me luck it's going to be tough and it is just me.

My smiles today:
Just me.
A big soft bed last night.
The miles of beaches and waves.
Horses on the beaches.
Coffee sitting in Cuzzie.
A day by the ocean.

My thoughts today:
Be real.
Be yourself.
Be unique.
Be true.
Be honest.
Be humble.
Be happy.

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.

Waitarere Beach.

Waitarere Beach.