Day 304...Me

It's a me day. Up early and out for a walk with Ness and a friendly Ridgeback dog that she walks twice a week. I think we are just going for a fast walk, so I put on a hoodie, some woollen leggings and rain jacket. But we were running some of the way. I had the sweats by the end of our 45 minute outing. Then it was time for me to pack my small backpack for a train ride into the city. I walk to the pools along the cool Wellington waterside walkways. Everyday I find something new. The amount of artwork and sculptures in every nook and cranny I spy is really amazing. It is such a lovely waterfront area. It takes me a while to convince myself to get in the water today. But soon I get into a rhythm and stay lane swimming for just over an hour. That was enough. 

I then wander back to meet a fellow kayaker, Conrad, to chat about this coast and my favorite parts of the South Island over a wonderful lunch. After this it was time for me to get myself totally lost in and around the central city. I am amazed at how dam useless I am with my navigation skills when walking these streets. Anyway, in the end I locate the stores I am looking for; after about an hour of wrong turns. I needed to have been more observational early when Jase was guiding me about the streets. I smile and listen to a few street buskers and felt more at ease on the streets around Wellington, even as I was getting lost. I still felt happier today than earlier this week. 

Soon I had the urge to grab a coffee and just sit looking out at the harbour. To feel the wind in my face and sit and think. The day again flys by and I have one more treat for myself today. An upper body massage and it was rather a good way to end my day that was all about me. 

Thanks to everyone today. Are the weather and Mother Nature playing a nice fair game? No, they are treating me as per normal, testing my patience and my frown continues.

My smiles today:
Ness for sharing her walk and run time.
Freyberg pools. I like this place.
Conrad for his knowledge and my yummiest lunch.
Sunglass style. Thanks for my replacement Bolles.
Thanks Rach for my massage today. 
Ness and Grant for their Wellington bed.
Wonderful support crew offers.

My thoughts today:
"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." --Dalai Lama.

Goodnight from a warm, cosy bed.
Red and Cuzzie.
Ma Te Wa.