Day 305...Train Travel & OMG NAT

Most of you know already that I find what some see as boring fun, so today I had fun when most would just hate it. Firstly a walk run around the streets of Khandallah. To test my really bad mapping and navigation skills, I went without my mobile phone. Success! I actually managed to find my way back home! I am thrilled about this because all my support crew would tell you I am tragic at finding my way around the streets of towns and cities.

Once home I throw my gear in a backpack. I cook up my breakfast, quickly fill a container and then walk off towards the train station. It is such a thrill for me to be on public transport, on the train to Wellington. What a civilised way to get about this city. I have a smile already. Just sitting, looking about at everyone going about their day heading to work. There was an air of happiness; it is Friday in their working world and I notice everyone is in casual dress mode as well, compared to earlier in the week.

As I step off the train, the mist and the rain are arriving. I head towards the waterfront and again enjoy my amble along the this great walkway. Being passed by push bikes, runners, full sized scooters and skate boards. Everyone seems to have an alternative way of getting to work other than driving a car.

Swimming today. It took me a little while to get into the pools. I too have moments of "Really!? Do I have to? Why?". I sit outside under a tree and eat my breakfast while looking over the crap weather report! Then last stop was a cup of coffee to take with me to drink while I get ready for a swim. It takes me time, probably wishing in a way it was over. I finally slip into the water and as always wish it was a little warmer. Then I start to swim. The massage yesterday on my muscles had helped a lot. Quickly I was into a good rhythm. Today was a great swim. It worked and it did everything I needed. 125 lengths was a new record for me at these pools. Just over 4kms. I have to thank this journey for keeping me so fit and healthy. I get out, get changed and get ready to head back out into a wet and now very misty Wellington.

Onto the train and back towards Khandallah. I then sit down to write about the completion of the South Island, but my day got a little bit more exciting instead. My dear Nat has arrived in town for her work! We had the greatest catch-up. It has been such a long time, so much to chat about, so much to say!! Absolutely nothing was done on my laptop. I love catch-ups and hearing her travelling stories.

It has been a great day for me. Once I got over the initial crazy weather meltdown. My mood sunny and bright, which is totally opposite to the day's actual weather of misty, wet and grey. Tonight is dinner and (OMG) I watch a little TV, plan an action packed day tomorrow and also try to dodge the rugby crowds.

My smiles today:
Swimming is fun.
The trains. Love them.
Casual Friday's in Wellington.
New World metro.
Seeing Nat.

My thoughts today:
Sometimes you don't need a reason for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to, because it's fun, because it makes you happy.

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.