Day 306...Markets and Chocolate

I could hear the wind this morning from a very warm bed in the suburbs of Wellington. It is still dark, but as always I check the weather updates, frown and turn to a book I am reading. This keeps me in bed and quiet for a little while. By 7.30am I am on the footpath and the streets, waking the legs and lungs up to a short run. The hills are steep so I power walk up them and then run everything else, ending up at the local supermarket for breakfast supplies.

Once home I place myself in front of my laptop making a mental note I had to sit and write until 10.00am. This is something I find difficult to do, always finding a reason to move away from my laptop. Give me the option to run around the streets again or to do laptop stuff and the answer each time would be the activity, not the tapping of the keyboard. Anyway I was pretty good and only deviated from this writing task for 30 mins when I took a phone call or two.

Once my brainstorm and general lines where written down I pack it all up. I pack my day backpack, then I am off to the city with Cuzzie. I am going wandering about the underground Wellington markets. To my surprise the city is not as awash with rugby supporters as I would have thought. The markets had some pleasant surprises at some of the stalls, even an area of stalls for high school students who where selling creative products as a school business project. I found a chocolate stall with smiles aplenty. It is wonderful chatting with another chocolate fanatic. It has as much of a story as blends of coffee and for sure I bought a couple of small packets. I very much doubt I will be sharing.

Talking to stall holders is always very entertaining; they have numerous stories about their products and also themselves, and to be able to wander this market with no time restraints was brilliant. I also replaced my thread-bare leggings with a new pair today. As always size XXL, the bigger the better. Anyone who knows me or has meet me on this journey will know my favorite gear is my warm black leggings. They are my must wear garment.

Outside I sit and people watch while talking with my mate in Auckland (Sheena) about who and what has been going on in her world. It is always a hilarious conversation about life, people, and her world of circus performers and their outfits. She is creative and makes their garments. Check out circus scissors on Instagram.

Then it was time to go swimming. Time to calm my mind with water and lane swimming. I spent a pleasant hour in the water, then headed back home, passing the rugby fans making their way to the stadium and then indoors as it gets dark, cold and starts to rain. Roast pork for dinner and some of my yummy chocolate.

That is my Saturday. My world and another day over and out. If you watched the rugby and saw the fireworks displays and flames, that is Nat's handy work. Sitting on the roof tops of the stadium. It is going to be a great day tomorrow when we catch up and head to eat our way around the food-truck.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.

My smiles today:
Out on the streets of Wellington.
The market stall holders and the stories.
Spring flowers.
Gourmet Chocolate. 
Lane swimming.

My thoughts today:
I could give up chocolate, BUT I am not a quitter.

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.

Chocolate heaven.

Chocolate heaven.