Day 307...Fun Sunday Food Truck and Nat

The wind whistling woke me as the sun was waking up this morning. I was not the only one wanting a calm Bluebird day. For my hosts, Ness and Grant, it meant no skiing, and Jase also is weather watching for a few days of skiing. Neither ventured to the mountains. It was, maybe, not the right moment for skiing. I understood totally.

Out for a quick run, then a classic Sunday cooked breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee. After that I joined in on a few hours of repainting of a downstairs room. Undercoating was my task and I was happy to oblige. There is not a lot you can do wrong when undercoating! I like painting and put in a good few hours, then it was time to pickup Nat and head off to a Food Truck gathering at the Trentham race course. It was busy and we queued to order. We stood and waited; it was rather a long process, but at last we sat, ate, drank and chatted about the months we have been apart. There are some amazing stories and there is never enough time to relay and remember them all. We listen, we talk, and we interrupt each other. It is great. Then both cold and needing a hot drink we head into the city. Story time over pots of peppermint tea. What a lovely afternoon. But soon it was time to head off to meet other friends and go our separate ways for the rest of the night.

You all are asking is she back as my full time support person. Sadly no, but Mother Nature may be kind and allow Nat one or two days with me before she heads away north again. She will be welcomed back whenever she wishes to return. I would even sleep in the passenger seat of Cuzzie to make room for her return!

Another week starts tomorrow. The end of August is looming and I have my eyes turned to the upcoming forecasts. Waiting, watching and counting down until the next leg starts. New crew will be arriving. The ocean watching is starting soon. Paddling stories may soon return.

My smiles today:
Painting and hardly any mess.
Time with Nat.
Organising crew.
Others also weather watching.

My thoughts today:
Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward. Reach out and help. This week reach out to someone that might need a lift.

Enjoy your new week. Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.