Day 308...The Waiting Begins

Today was the start of a new week. Nearly the end of August and I have done the most paddling in one month that I have done for a very long time; and still it's not enough. I went walking early this morning and the clouds looked like finger trails through the sky; rippled and fine threads as the sun rose and then changed them to rainbow colours. It would have been nice to just walk for hours around the bush tracks and the hillsides in Khandallah but alas, I had a day of prep to get myself and Cuzzie sorted and ready for possible paddle days later this week.

It was just boring mundane stuff you all do, like washing and supermarket shopping for supplies. The best part was me finding a local butchers to buy my meat supplies. I am always on the look out for a good butcher. I spent well with them and then as the afternoon arrived way too quickly I got my stuff stowed away in Cuzzie. The water tank was refilled, I installed the missing caps for the water tank and the grey water holding tank. I re-wrote my coastline plans, so the rest of the team could actually read them and it was not in my terrible handwriting!

Then it was off to catch up with Nat and spend time chatting with her and her relatives, Lib and Werner. This is always a fun time. There were lots of stories, knitting hints and yummy nibbles. Today I was to sample the Whittakers K Bar chocolate. Has it converted me? Sadly no! I still just like my plain dark chocolate. 

Tonight is about getting ready. I dropped Nat off and say see you early tomorrow, and I sit at the Wellington Railway Station awaiting another support person to assist for the next few days. They are sharing the challenge of getting me on the water together tomorrow and the challenge of collecting me at the end of the day.

Fingers crossed on the paddle, it will be one of those sleepless nights tonight, so I prepare for a day, or a few hours, on the water. Tough mentally for sure, but probably tougher on the two crew as we start the journey north. Well, fingers crossed. At the end of the day, Mother Nature has the last word on the launch and my day.

My smiles today:
A beautiful morning sky.
Nerves as I pack Cuzzie. 
My days in Wellington.
New support crew. They have been warned.
A rowing challenge to catch me begins at Health and Sports Auckland today.

My thoughts today:
"Every risk is worth taking as long as it is for a good cause and contributes to a good life." - Richard Branson

Goodnight from Red, Cuzzie and the team.
Ma Te Wa.


Waiting on arrivals.

Waiting on arrivals.