Day 333...Frustrations and Headaches

Friday 23 September 2016

I go to bed with a headache then wake up 2 hours later still with it thumping at my brain. It is looking like a tough next day. It's still thumping all night, and it got a little worse when the damn smoke sensor decided to sound a warning alarm around 1am. Why? For what reason!?! I am not sure but this morning it was in a few too many small pieces to be able to explain! All I can say was there was not a fire or any smoke in Cuzzie. But the sensor, even when repaired and returned to the ceiling, kept on with its ear piercing screech. It is now tucked under the seat! Just for the moment.

Then too soon it was time to wake for the weather forecast. I was looking at Saturday as a possibility, and last night I got my hopes up but this morning they got smashed! The leaving beach was okay, but the destination beach was looking bad! My mind spun, and my head hurt. More pain killers for breakfast and a couple of hot lemon drinks. I left Anna to try and sleep in as she also had been awake half the night. 

I walked down to the river, looked out to the ocean, just sat trying to keep warm in the morning sun and keep away from the cold wind blowing down the hill at me. There were a few white-baiters out and a few dogs walking themselves along the river and the sand dunes. I was not interested in walking as my head still hurt a lot. I sat in Cuzzie quietly reading then when Anna awoke I tried to eat breakfast. I ate some food but there was a lack of energy or any enjoyment as I forced the food down.

We got on the road and had decided we best go for a nice gentle stroll along Stony Creek walkway. It was a little bit of back tracking to get to this walk, but we had all day. We got onto the track and enjoyed the sunshine and the small bush reserve we walked through, but soon the walk turned to farm paddocks and we spent a good part of the next 20 minutes dodging fresh cow manure. The walk I have to say was not a favourite and we both have been on much prettier tracks.

Back to Cuzzie and back on the road South, stopping for food-top ups in Opunake and also lunch out at the lookout watching the waves and listening to the wind trying to blow Louise off the roof of Cuzzie. More pain killers for me and then we headed back to our favourite little spot at Waverley, where we have just sat for the late afternoon and tried to enjoy the warm sun and hide from the continued blasting wind. I walked to the cliff tops and sat in the tall grasses hoping the fresh air may do me and my pounding head some good! No luck at all, not even my numerous painkillers are working today.

I have rolled the weather and it has not improved for the better at Ohawe, I am gutted and so many thoughts sit inside me. I try and make a phone call or two, but my mood is tested when we have no real quality cell phone coverage. At last I talk to someone who just has to listen to me have a total meltdown and then try and rationalise with me about marginal paddling, my pre-set wind parameters, my anger and my tears. I am honestly not easy to talk to when the weather lifts me and my emotions up and down so much it is bloody tough at the moment. If I could safely gap it, let me tell you I would. But gapping it up this coast line is not a safe or a great option. That I know but wish I didn't. 

Tomorrow the rain returns. It starts calm enough and then by midday it is roughing it up. 1 or 2 hours in rough, I can do, but 8 hrs in rough weather I am not going to do. "If in doubt stay out." I close my eyes and hear the old seamen saying it to me! But it is no easier. Someone please come and stare at the calm ocean in the morning with me and feel my disappointment as I know it will not last or be like it further up the coast. I am on a tough cliff edge at present, gutted and frustrated, and with a thumping headache. With a heavy heart I crawl into my sleeping bag and wait until 5am, until the weather rolls and I know whether I stay or move up the coast a little further.

My smiles today:
The green paddocks and the blue ocean of Taranaki.
Calm tranquil campsite.

Goodnight from Red and Anna.
Ma Te Wa.