Day 334...Cliff Top

I rolled the weather and it was as expected; I could start to paddle okay but it is not always this easy. My destination was looking everything but nice, so I got dressed and walked out to the cliff-tops at Waipipi Beach and sat until just on sunrise. I was cold, disappointed at me, and totally gutted by the weather. It was not even totally beautiful out on the ocean where I was looking at the sunrise but I was happy to sit and torture myself for awhile. Others were lucky that phone coverage was nil.

Back to Cuzzie where I crawl into my sleeping bag and just lie still "thinking". Everybody tells me you can't change the weather so just move on. Well it is not my best skill. By 7am I am reading, then by 8am I am back looking at the ocean. I was also kidding myself that my headache was gone! Then I had to chat to another person to check if I was losing my courage for this weather, or had I been correct in my call. I know my decision is final on if I paddle or not, but maybe I was missing something. I managed to get through to a poor tortured soul and again off loaded my thoughts. We had a rational conversation about when and what I needed to see regarding the weather, so I hung up feeling sort of okay.

A hot shower and then breakfast so I can wash down some more painkillers, but they did nothing to help! By the time we were sitting in the local library using the free wi-fi I had to go grab some reliable stronger painkillers from the local chemist. Even the semi-sunlight made my head ache! I actually think it has been closer to a migraine status this past couple of days, but I hoped a spell in the calm of the library corner would help! It did a little, but both Anna and I were amused at the local kids all in the library playing computer games rather loudly, and with much cussing, then being told to "be quiet" by the lady working the front desk! A calm quiet location. Well, not really.

At midday it was closing time so we headed to sit at the ocean and eat lunch. Waihi Beach, I was dreading driving there thinking I would see a calm, flat ocean but I was so pleasantly happy. White caps and wind greeted us on arrival. I had been correct on staying on dry land today. Lunch eaten and then a long walk on the beach. We completed the other end of the Waihi to Ohawe beach walk and this afternoon the tide was going out so we did not get wet feet or have to clamber up high to get away from the waves.

Along the beach we looked up at the huge cliffs above us. It is still hard to describe the wind blown cliffs, the jagged crumbling hills, and the slips and rock falls there have been off the cliffs down to the ocean and the beaches we are walking along. Holy heck I would hate to be there when a slip did happen, it would send a few more hairs grey with the fright of it. We did stumble on an unfortunate sight of a cow that had fallen off the cliffs above and was in a crumbled dead heap at the base of the cliff. Poor creature I hoped it had not suffered.

Back to Cuzzie and tonight we are having a dinner that makes us smile; a dinner of homemade NACHOS! We are freedom camping tonight, looking out at the ocean on top of a cliff far enough away from the edge so we do not fall over it! But we are a little concerned as the rain falls that we are parked on grass and it may be mud in the morning! That would be a bad start to the day. 

Another day in South Taranaki; another day slips away with no paddling and my previous planning is looking a little bleak! Thanks to Anna for her first two weeks with me and thanks to everyone else for the continued support. Tomorrow is the start of daylight savings! WOW! Now that is something to smile about.

My smiles today:
Sitting on the cliff-tops watching the sky wake up.
The noisy library.
No painkillers since 11.30am. I am headache free at last!
Cuzzie and her heater, it rocks on a wet cool evening.
My life, my frustrations, my damn nightmare of a dream.
Another walk completed.
Anna and her constant lookout for sheep and lambs.

My thoughts today:
"You're mad. Bonkers. Off you're head. BUT! I'll tell you a secret. All of the best people are." - Alice in Wonderland.

Goodnight from us in Cuzzie (Red and Anna).
Ma Te Wa.


Waihi Beach South Taranaki. Such incredible cliffs.

Waihi Beach South Taranaki. Such incredible cliffs.